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The main goal of this project is to ensure that Rural women marginalized by abuse of rights, absolute poverty and inequality from four of seven districts of Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania are empowered to access their social economic rights and resources by 2015.

Different researches conducted by KWIECO shows that poverty and gender inequality are inextricably linked. Unequal access and control over resources and services, and social discrimination which keeps this in place, present serious obstacles to women aiming to address their social and economic deprivation. Women, and more specifically widows, in Kilimanjaro region are unable to claim inheritance of property or assets and resources which they have jointly acquired with their spouses.

Through our experience of helping marginalized people in Kilimanjaro region especially women and children, KWIECO discovered that most of women who come for legal counseling have a very poor economic situation. The situation renders it more difficult for them to access justice. Many women are coming from remote areas where they need transport to go to court. Their poor economic situation forces poor women to concentrate on struggling for what to feed their families. Accessing rights becomes secondary.

On a daily basis, project team is in the community conducting follow-up meetings with the women groups and legal training with local leaders.  They work closely with the women until the group has become successful enough to apply for regular micro-loans. 

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