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PROGRAMME OFFICER: Dorice Kinyoa and Innocent Nsyenge


The objective of this programme is to provide focused litigation and documentation to marginalized clients with legal problems. Strategic cases that hinder gender equality are tested in court and precedents used for supporting lobby and advocacy.

KWIECO is the only legal aid organization where, through litigation, women and children have been empowered and motivated to seek their legal rights in court.

Cases handled include: inheritance, marriage, land disputes, sexual offenses violence.  In recent years, the number of cases associated with HIV/AIDS has drastically increased and reflects the vulnerable position of women living with HIV/AIDS.

Litigation services at KWIECO are challenged by the legal system which has bureaucratic procedures, use of English as the official court language and lack of special facilities for handling children cases.

Other challenges include the existence of patriarchy system which is discriminatory and firmly rooted in the lives of people.

Demand for legal representation overwhelms the internal capacity of KWIECO.


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