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The objective of this programme is to increase awareness and access for Legal aid provision to marginalized rural communities in 6 districts of Kilimanjaro region and to enhance capacity of legal aid providers.

The Increasing Access and Capacity to Legal Aid Provision in six districts of Kilimanjaro Region project aims at ensuring that marginalized sections of the community including women and children access rights by moving legal aid services to district and ward centers. This ensures the availability of the service at cheap and relatively short distance. The project target groups include marginalized women, children and men, paralegals, Human rights defenders, Local government leaders (duty bearers), Ward tribunal members and the public.
The project activities include;

  1. Establishment of Legal Aid Centre at Moshi rural, Siha, Hai, Moshi Urban, Same and Mwanga Districts of Kilimanjaro region.
  2. Training of 25 paralegals from each of 6 districts in Kilimanjaro
  3. Conduct public awareness on legal, Human rights and gender issues and the availability of legal aid services.
  4. Offer counseling services to clients
  5. Networking and referrals
  6. Monitor and adjust

For further information about our District paralegals CLICK HERE


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