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The objective of this programme is to raise awareness on legal, human and gender rights in the Kilimanjaro region.

The human rights and gender education programme is core to KWIECO’s mission. The program emphasizes the need to improve community awareness on human rights and gender issues, influence change of attitudes that inhibit access to legal and human rights and enhance respect for gender equality.

The human rights and gender education program works to improve the community’s respect for human rights by raising marginalized people’s awareness of their rights and encouraging all to respect each other’s rights.

Translations from English to Swahili and simplifications of Tanzanian laws through drama improve people’s understanding of their rights.

The program works at the grassroots level and targets the most marginalized communities. Effective campaigns have included performances of cultural dances, songs and drama as well as information seminars.  Mass media campaigns are also implemented to accelerate spread information.  Program work has also extended to train other community organizations to become gender sensitive and equipped to actively promote human rights. 

KWIECO has mainstreamed the discussion of human rights and gender in local government structures as a strategy to sustain the program within the communities.


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