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The Kilimanjaro Women Information Exchange and Consultancy Organization was founded in 1987. In 1991 KWIECO was registered as an association under the Societies Ordinance Cap 337 of laws of Tanzania.  In 1995, after further organizational development, KWIECO was registered as a Company Limited by guarantee. (See Companies Ordinance Cap 212 of the laws of Tanzania).
Since 1995 KWIECO has undergone further development and organizational refinement to better serve the vulnerable populations of Kilimanjaro region.  Such development includes periodic external evaluation, staff training, internal evaluations, and expansion of program areas.
KWIECO has worked for over 20 years to address and enhance respect for legal and human rights in the Kilimanjaro region. KWIECO is the only legal aid provider offering comprehensive services including:-

  1. Human Rights and Gender Education 
  2. Legal counselling
  3. Litigation and documentation 
  4. Children legal services 
  5. Lobby and Advocacy 
  6. Publicity 
  7. Economic empowerment of women destitute of their rights 
  8. Social Support for victims of GBV and Child abuse
  9. Legal Sector Monitoring
  10. Legal Service Facility
  11. Women and Constitution Making

     KWIECO is using Rights Based Approach (RBA) in the implementation of her activities in the community. This approach requires that developmental issues are mainstreamed in the implementation process for sustainability and ownership by communities.
KWIECO is providing her services to seven districts of Kilimanjaro region (Moshi Municipal, Moshi Rural, Siha, Hai, Rombo, Mwanga and Same). More than 6200 are reached annually through awareness raising sessions, paralegal training, legal assistance, counselling and mediation, while more than 700,000 people are reached through media coverage.
This year KWIECO expects to reach more people and plans for the 11th programme of social support to victims of gender based violence and child abuse in Kilimanjaro region.



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